Performance Crunch - Your story razor sharp in one day

Red button with Don't PanicThe Performance Crunch is for professionals who want to present with impact. Essential for a strong performance are clear goals, sharp messages and an authentic way of telling your story. This way, your audience can easily understand and remember what you told them!

When you are ''in the crunch'' we focus on the presentation, lecture or workhsop you have to give. Are your key messages on goal? What kinds of presentation materials are you using? What interaction do you have with your audience? What is your role? Are you the expert, facilitator or for instance a panel member. How do you come across when you are presenting?

The Performance Crunch consist of three steps:

1) Initial intake (20 min over phone)

2) Briefing (30 min over phone)

3) Performance Crunch (1 day)

After being ''Crunched'', you will be guaranteed to give an impactful performance. Are you ready to get Crunched?

Want to know more and see if this could work for you? Contact me via the details on the contact page.