Presentation Skills

MicrophoneIn your work, you're often presenting yourself to others or trying to influence people. And whether you have a meeting with only 2 people (for instance applying for a job) or you are in front of 300 people during a conference, you want to leave a good impression.

Important whenever you present yourself, and in every conversation, is the balance between content (what are we talking about), the process of communication (in what way are we talking to each other) and the relationship (between the one who's talking and his/ her audience). In my presentation training and consultancy I pay attention to all of these three aspects. Together with you, we will find the right mix and balance between the three.

Within presentation skills, I offer a number of different 'products' (see below). For all the training sessions, the key is that YOU will be learning a lot by doing and practicing!

Messaging & Tools

This is a very interactive training, mainly focused on the quality of your content and the tools you are using to bring this across (PowerPoint presentations, Prezis, movie clips, etc.). How do you make sure you have a clear message, a good structured story and an interested audience? I can do a 'general' training or focus is on a specific presentation you have to give somewhere.

Presentation Style

In this training, we mainly focus on your way of presenting things. How do you prepare? How do you stand when presenting? How are you using your voice, hands, body and silences? Can you deal with questions from the audience?

The training includes a lot of tips and tricks how to easily be more confident and impactful in your presentation style. We also look at what kind of tools 'fit' your presentations style and what not.

We tape your performance and evaluate it together, focusing on strong points and improvements.


Workshop Training

Do you have to do a workshop during a conference or at your work? It sounds easier than it is! Developing a concept for a strong interactive workshop and facilitating it as well is a challenge, especially when you are an expert at the topic! In this training we look at the roles you have within a workshop, the structure for a good session and different levels of being interactive. We also pay close attention to managing time, the goal of the workshop and the program flow.