“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.”

- Eartha Kitt

Who am I?

I am Martijn Bruil. Diederik Conrad is the name of my company (Diederik is my fourth (!) name) - Conrad is the second name of my best friend).

What makes my approach special is the combination between my psychological and economic background and my experience as business and communications consultant. I combine a long track record as a practicing consultant with a firm scientific base.

As a consultant and (project) manager I have had many different and international coporates and governments as clients. I have worked on many organizational changes at a strategic level and coached many different professionals ‘on the job’. I have focused on both internal communication, as well as on public relations, media- and presentation training, crisis communications and (event) management. I still work as a consultant to keep my connection to the daily practice.

I have a good understanding of how organizations operate, how communication and perceptions work – both one-on-one and in the media. My style is open, realistic and to-the-point. I have worked and lived in a number of different countries and cultures.

I studied social sciences and majored in communication management at the University Utrecht and got my master of science in General Business Management at Nijenrode University. After that, I studied psychology from the age of 35 at the University of Amsterdam (Master with Distinction) where I do now work one day a week on my PhD research as well.

I followed different courses on presentation and communication skills and in influence. My training as a coach I follow(ed) with CTI in London.


Expert Network

As a communication consultant I am very broadly oriented in different sectors and topics that I work in. But you can't know or do it all! For specific knowledge, skills and hand-on jobs, I tap in to a network of other professionals that can be added to a project at request. With all these people I have worked on several jobs and for different customers and they seamlessly add to my way of working.

I work regularly on different clients and projects with the following agencies and experts (click on their names to find out more about them!): 

  • Maatschap voor Communicatie - Thorough and passionate strategic communication consultants. 
  • Spitz Congres en Event - Very experienced conference and event specialists with spice.  
  • Peter van de Vegte - Reputation management, crisis communication and executive coaching expert. 
  • Performance Solutions - Experience engineers (a training company 3.0!). 
  • DDK - Entrepreneurial advertising agency brimming with creativity and to the point. 
  • Coform - Experienced communication consultants with an eye for your customers. 
  • VormVijf - Creative strategists, designers and creators. 
  • OSAGE - Clear design and style masters. 
  • Ruud Bisseling - Filmmaker, coach and trainer.

Besides these people I also have in my network: 

  • Specialists in organizational change and change communication. 
  • Junior and medior communication consultants and project managers. 
  • Different specialized coaches and a psychiatrist. 

Contact me if you would like more information on my network or joined projects!